Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A little help from my friends

A few months ago I wrote this blog post which centred around a learner could tell that they were at a ‘just in time training’ moment. I won’t reiterate the entire blog post here as you can always go back and read it here.

After writing that blog post I started to put together a mindmap with ideas as to some ‘triggers’ that could initiate ‘just in time’ support. I put a tweet out asking if anybody fancied collaborating on the map and unsurprisingly a number of people volunteered to contribute (don’t you just love the way these tool, foster and promote this type of one-click collaboration).

Unfortunately I then forgot all about the mindmap until Clarke Quinn‘s recent blog post, so Dear Reader here is the mindmap that a few of us collaborated on over the balmy Summer of 2011 (you may need to zoom in/out or expand to full screen to view properly).

I’ve also made the map a ‘wikimap’ which means that anybody can make additions to it (hint, hint)

What do you think?

Have we covered everything?

What have we missed out?

We’d appreciate your thoughts….

View the original article here

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