Thursday, March 26, 2015

I’m guilty, but I am trying….

… to vanquish the ‘old-school’ information dumps and click-next type of elearning that are the bain of many of our lives.

I must admit that this critical insight into best practice Instructional Design has only come about since we moved to a self-authoring tool, meaning that some of my previous attempts have ‘ahem‘ been very….. traditional ;-)

I was still quite proud of my previous attempts as it was the first time that I had ever created such a piece of content, however the screencast below shows my very first piece of elearning concerning the use of Display Screen Equipment and highlights some of the retrospective ‘niggles’ that have grated on me since I started looking into ID in greater detail.

Having now researched ID in greater detail, I followed up the above module with Version 2 which can be seen in the screencast below. In the screencast I outline some of the changes that I have made since my original attempt.

The inspiration for this approach was provided my @tomkuhlmann and @catmoore. Tom for the idea of creating the ‘look and feel’ of the module in PowerPoint before importing it into our rapid elearning tool and Cathy for her ideas on ‘dumping the drone’ and her Action Mapping process.

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