Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Go Mobile MindMapping (try saying that 5 times, quickly)!

Yesterday saw me attend an Epic hosted event with 125 other people which centered around Epic’s new Go Mobile publishing platform GoMo. There were a number of sessions taking place, but my main reason for attending was to look at the GoMo platform itself.

I normally take traditional ‘list style’ notes in something like Evernote or Notes, but on this occasion I thought I’d try out the MindMeister mindmapping app on my new iPad. I’ve have used MindMeister before from a laptop and on my Nexus S but those instances have always been in ‘ideal conditions’ i.e. sat in the quiet coach of a train or on the loo. They have never been in a ‘live environment’…. until yesterday….

Here is the mindmap I created, the nodes relating to iTune app have links within them, so why not take a look at the apps in question?

I have to admit that as I was new to the User Interface (UI) on the iPad I stumbled quite often and perhaps missed a little of the GoMo session itself, but overall I feel that I captured the salient points from the session. Clarke Quinn seems to be something of a master at this as he regularly produces very rich, informative mind maps during live sessions – I must remember to ask him how he does it!

I’ll try and spend more time practicing on the app before I attend my next session as this should hopefully lead to more fluent use in the session and ultimately result in more information being captured.

Do you take notes during live sessions and if so how?

If you mindmap, what are your ‘top tips’?

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